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Key Points to Remember

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1.  Indexes and Databases are guides not sources.

Handwriting, spelling, unfamiliarity with the language the record is written in contribute to serious mistakes when creating indexes and databases. One must always read the original record to determine if the record contains information about your family. Caution must always be exercised when depending entirely on indexes. Use caution when using the indexes associated with the records found at Ancestry.ca

2.  Genealogy without documentation is mythology

Record the source for each item of information that you provide.  This includes the name of the document, where and when it was created and who holds the original copy. If you have downloaded a digitized image of the document note the name of the website and the date it was accessed. This is particularly important if you or someone else wishes to find the information or the website is no longer online.Example:1901 Census of Canada. Ontario, Simcoe East No. 113, Sub-district Tiny N-3, page 1, household 17 - Francois Labatte. Library and Archives of Canada microfilm T-6496.
Library and Archives Canada (http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/genealogy/index-e.html, assessed 12 March 2011)

3. The Métis Nation of Ontario Registry CANNOT accept information without sources attached.

For example:Cecilia Labatte's parents were Michel Labatte(1846) and Marie Vallee - Vassuer... Michels parents were, Michael Labatte (1814) and Archange Bergie

4.  Avoid misleading other researchers by providing misleading or inaccurate information.

5.  Respect the privacy guidelines by not sharing information without asking permission from each person involved.

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