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Newspapers enable us to learn about the lives of our ancestors if we look beyond the birth, marriage and death announcements.  One can learn about local politics and community events. Names of schools, churches and organizations can be found. Many of the newspapers in Ontario have been published since the 1800s. A list of newspapers held in the Archives of Ontario is found in the online guide Original and Microfilmed Newspapers in Archives of Ontario. The listing is arranged first by the name of the newspaper and then by community.

Library and Archives Canada collects, in hardcopy, a select number of Canadian current daily newspapers, all Canadian ethnic newspapers, all Canadian native newspapers, and student newspapers received from the Canadian university press. All print issues may be consulted on site, or requests for articles from them may be made through the services of your local library. There are over 200,000 reels of Canadian newspapers on microfilm that may be requested through the interlibrary loan services of your local library. Browse the newspaper lists at:

Newspapers online

This website has copies of many historic newspapers. It is searchable by heading but one is not able to print items at this time.

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