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Hudson's Bay Company

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The following census records found on microfilm at the Hudson’s Bay Archives are available through Interlibrary Loan. The records are found in the post journals or the reports in the district of the miscellaneous records.

Place Date HBCA Reference Microfilm
Albany River District 1858 B. 3/z/1 1M871
Fort George (Chisasbi) 1870 B. 77/z/1 1M876
Lac La Pluie 1822 - 1823 B. 105/e/2 1M778
1829 - 1830 B. 105/e/9 1M778
Lac La Pluie District 1838 B. 239/z/10 1M903
- Fort Francis
- Rat Portage
Marten’s Falls 1848-1868 B. 123/z/1 1M880
Osnaburgh House 1828 B. 155/a/39 1M113
1857-1858 B. 155/z/1 1M889
Trout River 1846 – 1891 B. 220/z 1M167-71

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