Peterborough Charter Signed MNO Peterborough and Distrist Wapiti Métis Council
Community Charter signing on June 29, 2011.
(L-R) Front row: Pauline Richardson, PCMNO Region 7
Councillor; Terry Bloom ,MNO PDWPMC Senator; Gary
Lipinski, MNO President; France Picotte, MNO Chair.
Back row: Brad Hodgson, MNO PDWPMC Councillor;
Debra Malandrino, MNO PDWPMC Women Rep.; Andy
Dufrane, MNO PDWPMC President; Christa Lemelin,
MNO PDWPMC Chair; Steve Bloom, Jason Dufrane
The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council (PDWMC) is an important communication hub for the MNO in their area and play a significant role in fostering community empowerment and development. They are the democratic representatives for MNO citizens living within the geographic territory described in their MNO Community Charter Agreement. The MNO PDWMC seeks to collectively promote our Métis culture as well as promote and foster prosperity and economic self-sufficiency within their community. They resolve to work towards the recognition and affirmation of our existing Aboriginal and treaty rights including our inherent right of self-determination and self-government.

The MNO PDWMC operates in accordance with its MNO Charter Agreement, which give it the mandate to govern, while ensuring accountability, transparency, and consistency. The Charter Agreement along with the Community Code and Community Electoral Code are the policy documents that the PDWMC refers to when holding mandatory community elections. The documents also outline the rules and regulations for conducting council business, and for ensuring accountability through good fiscal management.

Click here for the MNO Peterborough and District Wapti Métis Council's Community Charter.
Click here to view the MNO Peterborough and District Wapti Métis Council's Electoral Code.
Click here to view the MNO Peterborough and District Wapti Métis Council's By-laws.
Click here to view a map indicating the boundaries of the MNO Peterborough and District Wapiti Métis Council