Region and Map

As per Motion 2016-08-11-01,  the Community represented by the MNO Oshawa and Durham Region Métis Council (ODRMC) is described geographically as follows:

South Boundary Running east/west along the shore of Lake Ontario from the mouth of the Rouge River in the West to the eastern boundary of the town of Bond Head.

West Boundary Running South/North Beginning at the Lake Ontario shore at the mouth of the Rouge River - following the Rouge River and the Little Rouge River in a northerly direction, connecting to the southern extension of the Scarborough Pickering Townline to the Twyn River area. Following the Scarborough Pickering Townline north and continuing along the York Durham Townline (Hwy 30) and Concession Road 1, Miles Road and North until it turns into Hwy 48 and continue north to Brown Hill.

North Boundary In an Easterly direction draw a horizontal line from the town of Brown Hill, through the town of Udora, through the town of Vallentyne until you intersect with Hwy 7. Continue on Hwy 7 until Hwy 7 intersects with Hwy 35 just West of Lindsay.

East Boundary Beginning at where Hwy 7 intersects with Hwy 35, follow Hwy 35 in a Southern direction through the town of Pontypool, continue south on Hwy 35 through the towns of Newcastle and Bond Head to the shores of Lake Ontario.

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