The Temiskaming Métis Community Council is working to:

  • Provide information and assistance regarding various Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) programs and applications
  • Provide Resources and Supports to Métis families
  • Deliver the Family Wellbeing Program of the MNO
  • Establish a presence for Métis people in the region
  • Allow for a deeper understanding of Métis culture
  • Provide financial sustainability for their important programs and services


Temiskaming Métis Community Council Members:  

President Liliane EthierTemiskaming Metis Council President
MNO Temiskaming Métis Council
President Liliane Ethier.

Chair Claude Dupuis

Senator Christina Acton

Secretary/Treasurer Lorette McKnight

Councillor Joey Ethier

Women’s Representative Carol Cloutier

Youth Representative Vacant

The TMCC operates in accordance with its MNO Charter Agreement, which give it the mandate to govern, while ensuring accountability, transparency, and consistency. The Charter Agreement along with the Community Code and Community Electoral Code are the policy documents that the TMCC refers to when holding mandatory community elections. The documents also outline the rules and regulations for conducting council business, and for ensuring accountability through good fiscal management.

Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held monthly at the office in Haileybury.

Council Elections

The current council was elected in January of 2017 and will serve a 3 year term.


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