Suzanne Rochon-Burnett Volunteer Award

bob-volunteer-award-2 MNO President Gary Lipinski presents Senator Bob McKay with the Volunteer of
the Year Award at the MNO Annual General Assembly in Thunder Bay in 2014.
The objective of the Suzanne Rochon-Burnett Volunteer of the Year Award is to recognize Individuals who contribute as a volunteer to the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) year round and have done so for a number of years. Each year a volunteer meeting the criteria is named as the recipient of the Suzanne-Rochon Volunteer of the Year by a selection committee of the MNO.


The individuals nominated must exemplify the kind of volunteer contribution demonstrated by Suzanne Rochon-Burnett. They will have given generously of their time and effort, are strong advocates of the Métis Nation and their record of selfless commitment has been firmly established. They are seen as caring, giving individuals who others look up to and admire. The candidates will have provided an extended period of service as a volunteer.

About Dr. Suzanne Rochon-Burnett

Dr. Suzanne Rochon-Burnett was a founding member of the Métis Nation of Ontario. Named to the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario, Suzanne was a member of the Canada Council and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Brock University where she served on the Board of Trustees. She was a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation and the first woman inducted into the Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame. Suzanne passed away in 2006. To honour her memory and recognize her outstanding service as a volunteer, in 2006, the Métis Nation of Ontario named Suzanne as the first recipient of the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award which now bears her name.

Past Recipients

The 2013 Suzanne Rochon-Burnett Volunteer of the Year was presented to Senator Brenda Powley. Past winners of the award have included:

Suzanne Rochon-Burnett, Richard Sarrazin, Senator Reta Gordon, Louise Goulding, Pauline Richardson, Senator Gordon Calder, Senator Marlene Greenwood, Senator Olivine Tiedema and Senator Brenda Powley