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Dianne Beaudry

Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 4

Dianne Beaudry, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 4

It would be my honor and privilege to represent the Metis citizens of Region 4, on the PCMNO Regional Council.

I will work with councils on your behalf, and encourage you to attend council meetings.  Vote  and  let your voice be heard.

 I have had the opportunity to speak with many of you. I have come to find that YOU, the Metis citizens would like to be informed, and want to see the following:

Citizen card issues resolved,  Work with councils, Open communication, Negotiate for your benefit, have local councils and MNO promote local Metis businesses.

I come from a strong Metis background of fur traders, trappers, and ship builders in the Huron/Superior area since 1735.

 I have served on our local council, attended many Metis meetings and functions. I have a strong business background and have volunteered with many organizations.

PHONE: (705) 943-9858