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Michel Dupuis

Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

Candidate_0018_MichelMichel Dupuis
Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

To : All  MNO TMCC Temiskaming/ue / MNO Timmins / MNO Chapleau / MNO Cochrane  voting citizens

South Porcupine, Ont - March 16, 2020

Hello Bonjours et Tanshi : )  I am a citizen of the MNO Timmins and am looking for your vote and support this June 1st, 2020!!! I Have applied for candidacy for councilor Rep in MNO Region 3 Abitibi -Temiskaming/ue Ontario!!!  I am Michel E Dupuis of Timmins and formerly from Temiskaming/ue Shores City or The Tri-Towns as it was called back in the day!

As an MNO citizen since 2007 and bilingual in French and English both written and oral, I will look to unite and not divide our citizenship in our region and advance our own metis "constitution " in the best feasible possible way as we have suffered long enough without proper representation in our region!

I am currently a member of the Timmins Indigenous Advisory Committee representing Metis! I am also currently a member of the Porcupine Toastmaster's Club! I Am An avid Outdoorsman and a family man of 39 years with my beautiful friend and wife Donna and two wonderful daughters whom are both employed by doctors in the Timmins Area. They are Tanya and Chantal and last, but not least, our three grandchildren: Tyler, Julia and Izhea who all know how to set a hook and catch fish and are educated in respecting our natural environment and are adapting very well to life in general!

In closing and thanking you all in advance for your Support!!! : )

This Coming June 1st,  2020 VOTE Michel E. Dupuis for Region 3 Councilor REP and know you can count on me for Progress and  Transparency and open door policy in support of our 4 councils in Region 3 Abitibi -Temiskaming/ue

Contact info
57 Broadway Avenue
South Porcupine Ont

Please Vote and be Heard  Thank You Merci et Meegwech !!!

Michel Emile Dupuis " Metis To The Core " Have a great spring and summer season " good luck and good health to all.