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Chief Electoral Officer
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MNO Registry
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Other Election Documents:


2020 Métis Nation of Ontario Declaration of Election

In accordance with Article 35.1 of MNO Electoral Code, I declare the following:

  • Margaret Froh elected President of the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO)
  • Hank Rowlinson elected Chair of PCMNO
  • Sharon Cadeau elected Vice Chair of PCMNO
  • Jo Anne Young elected Secretary-Treasurer of PCMNO
  • Tim Sinclair elected Region 2 Regional Councilor, PCMNO
  • Jacques Picotte elected Regional Councilor, Region 3, PCMNO
  • Mitchell Case elected Region 4 Regional Councilor, PCMNO
  • Andrew Dufrane elected Region 6 Regional Councilor, PCMNO
  • David Dusome elected Region 7 Regional Councilor, PCMNO
  • Peter Rivers elected Region 9 Regional Councilor, PCMNO

June 1, 2020
Paul DeVillers, Chief Electoral Officer

  • A full list of MNO 2020 Certified Election Results is available here [PDF]
  • List of Acclamations in the MNO 2020 Election is available here.
  • What is a spoiled ballot in electronic voting? This is when a voter opts not to cast a ballot or make a choice. They confirm through the process that they are not selecting anyone on the ballot.

Posted: June 1, 2020