Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council (MNOYC)

Youth Council 2014Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council at the 2014 MNO AGA. (Left to right)
Back row: Nicholas Delbaere-Sawchuk (Region 8), Kyle Grenier (Region 7),
Alexander Young (Region 9), and Mitch Case (Youth Representative on
PCMNO). Front
row: Kelly Duquette (Region 1), Brianne Gosselin (Region 3),
and Janine Landry (Region 2). Missing: Sylvie Forest (Region 5).

The Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council (MNOYC) is a group of youth representatives from across Ontario who advocate on behalf of the concerns and interests of Métis youth at the provincial level. Additionally, there is a Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) Youth Representative elected to the PCMNO who meets with the MNOYC as part of his or her duties.

MNOYC’s mandate is to identify issues affecting Métis youth and to work with the MNO to ensure these issues are addressed. Members of the MNOYC communicate on a regular basis, take part in meetings and community events across the province, including the MNO’s Annual General Assembly (AGA), and often attend youth driven and focused conferences representing Métis youth across Ontario

Additionally, each MNO Community Council has a position for a local Youth Representative who promotes youth initiatives, works directly with the MNOYC and represents the voice of Métis youth in his or her area.

The MNOYC representatives are appointed in province-wide elections held every four years. The most recent elections were held during the 2012 AGA in Sault Ste. Marie.

Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Distribution List

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