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Since 2007, the Métis Nation of Ontario has worked with its citizens and regional rights-bearing Métis communities to develop a community-driven consultation framework that ensures the Crown fulfills its duty to conduct meaningful consultation with Métis people in the province. That work, which continues to evolve, is guided in part by input and suggestions from Métis citizens and communities captured during province wide consultations in 2007/2008...

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Way of Life

The Métis Way of Life Framework is the MNO's way of documenting Métis traditional knowledge acquired through time spent living on the land.

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Requires governments to consult Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples whenever a Crown actor considers conduct that might affect them.

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Ontario remains the only jurisdiction in the Métis Homeland to have successfully completed negotiations on Métis harvesting.

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A central purpose of the MNO is to support and further develop inclusive and democratic Métis self-government institutions.

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