MNO Household Survey Registration

You have reached the Registration Page for the 2017 MNO Household Survey.

The MNO Household Survey is primarily an online survey that we are conducting over the summer months. All MNO Citizens with a current email address will receive a link in the coming weeks that will direct them to where they can fill out the full Survey questionnaire, which has two parts (Part 1 and Part 2).

We understand that some MNO citizens do not have an email address on file with MNO. To ensure that every MNO citizen has the fullest opportunity to participate in this important survey, we have set up this Registration Page to allow MNO Citizens to provide or update their current contact information, including their email address. Once you have registered your updated contact information, we will then be able to send you the link to the MNO Household Survey when this is emailed out in July and August. Along with your contact information and email address, the Registration Form asks you to provide your MNO citizenship number, and those of other MNO citizens in your household. Please make sure to have this information ready before you begin the survey registration process. Note that both the Registration Form and Part 2 of the survey must be completed individually. While having all MNO citizens in the same household complete the survey may seem repetitive, individual completions are required to enable us to build a more complete picture of the structure of Métis families and communities across Ontario. 


Thank you for your contributions to this important MNO data gathering. This information will be invaluable in advocating on your behalf and for Métis families across the province, including Métis children and youth, and in helping us tailor programming and services to better meet your family`s needs.

Confidentiality of information:
In completing the registration and the survey, rest assured MNO has strict processes in place to ensure that your personal information and identity are fully protected and remain completely confidential at all times.

Telephone survey option:
For MNO citizens without access to a computer or any other means of completing the online survey, or who might require accommodation because of physical or other restrictions, we will be offering a telephone survey option later in the summer, after the online survey is completed. If you would like to take advantage of the telephone survey option, please contact our MNO support staff with details and a phone number where you can be contacted (staff contact information below).

If you experience any technical difficulties during registration, please contact the Survey Research Centre (SRC) support staff at 1-866-303-2822 or at who will be happy to assist.

If you have any other questions about the survey, please contact Jane Brennan, MNO Registrar at janeb@Mé or 613-798-1488 (toll free: 1-800-263-4889).


All Citizens who complete both parts of the MNO Household Survey (Parts 1& 2) will be eligible for a PRIZE DRAW with a chance to win one of 50 prizes of $100 Amazon gift cards. Prizes will be drawn in December 2017, and the 50 lucky winners will be notified by MNO staff.

Thank you - Marsee - Merci

Updated: June 2, 2017