Get to know your Ontario Métis Youth ISPAYIN Project Representatives, Benny Michaud and Ginny Gonneau!


Benny Michaud became involved in the ISPAYIN project because of the opportunity it provided to help Métis youth foster positive identities. Having spent the majority of her life in urban centers she was immediately interested in the ability of the workshops to bring diverse groups of Métis youth together to discuss the expression of Métis culture. Assisting youth in being able to easily access cultural information appealed to Benny because so many urban Métis youth have difficulty understanding themselves with in the context of a Métis community. “Being a part of the ISPAYIN project has helped me to gain a better sense of myself as a Métis person and a better understanding of my role within our nation as a whole.”

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Ginny Gonneau became involved with the ISPAYIN project when she was contacted by her friend and mentor Carey Calder, who told her that the Métis Centre of NAHO was looking for Métis youth to be part of a new project. She has always been interested in talking with other youth about what it means to be Métis and knew this would be a great opportunity to do just that. Ginny feels that the ISPAYIN project will provide youth with a broader knowledge of their culture and stronger sense of belonging because it speaks to a large demographic and emphasizes the diversity of the Métis Nation. “ISPAYIN workshops are unique because they actively engage youth by allowing them a chance to express themselves. I think this could be the tool we need to help unify Métis youth across Ontario.” Ginny has given generously of her time in the past to the Métis Nation of Ontario including her involvement with two Métis Canoe Expeditions and valuable work concerning youth efforts. Ginny is now living and working in Toronto. She is very excited about the ISPAYIN project and has ambitious plans for its use in bringing Métis youth across Ontario together.

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