A father's pride in his daughter

Submitted by Richard Lefebvrejaime leeLeft to right: Richard Lefebvre, C.D. MWO (Retired), Jaime
Lefebvre C.D., BMASc, JD, Sylvie Lefebvre.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen Jaime Lee Lefebvre recently finished her law degree with the University of Ottawa and was called to the bar as a lawyer on June 22.

She accomplished all this with her husband being posted in Kingston and three children at home.

Jaime Lee is presently the Regimental Sergeant Major of the 28 Medical Company Ottawa.  She’s completed a Bachelor of Military Arts and Science through correspondence from the Royal Military College in Kingston.

Richard Lefebvre, Jaime Lee’s father and MNO citizen and veteran, is proud of his daughter’s accomplishments.

“There is nothing a Métis person cannot accomplish with a lot of hard work,” Richard wrote in an e-mail about his daughter.

Jaime Lee and her father both wore their Métis sashes to the June 22 ceremony to show their pride in their heritage and to encourage Métis youth to make their dreams reality.


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