Attention MNO Harvesters

Please be aware that the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has mailed the annual Métis Harvesters and Migratory Bird Harvesting Survey to all MNO Harvesters. We ask that all Harvesters complete this voluntary, paper survey and return it with the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided.

Also, please be aware that the MNO is currently conducting a voluntary Moose Telephone Survey of all MNO Harvesters. During the last week of March, Harvesters may receive a call from MNO's survey outreach company asking them to complete the survey.

We ask that all Harvesters complete both the paper and the telephone surveys, as they provide the MNO with important harvest information that aids in the management of the Métis harvest and assists the MNO in its ongoing efforts to protect Métis rights.

If you would like more information about the surveys, please contact:
Markus Tuohimaa of the Métis Nation of Ontario
by phone at (807) 355-8310
or by email at

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