Interim Registry Policy


To:                  MNO Citizens

From:              France Picotte, MNO Chair

Date:               September 10, 2012


The 2010 Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) Annual General Assembly (“AGA”) directed the MNO’s leadership to undertake a two-year, multi-phased consultation process of Métis identification and registration.  Specifically, the resolution directed the MNO to undertake the following:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the MNO initiate a province-wide, multi-phased consultation process on Métis identification and registration issues  in order to develop consensus-based solutions to move the MNO forward based on its Statement of Prime Purpose and ultimate goals of advancing Métis rights and self-government in Ontario;

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that based on the initial consultations to be conducted in the Fall/Winter of 2010/2011 a ‘What We Heard’ report will be tabled with the 2011 MNO Annual General Assembly for its consideration and review.

As you know, the MNO has now completed its two-year consultation process.  A “What We Heard” report was produced and has been extensively circulated throughout the MNO. This report is available on the MNO’s website at At the recently held 2012 MNO AGA, updates and direction were provided on specific MNO Registry initiatives, where “consensus-based solutions” have been identified.

One of the key recommendations from the “What We Heard” report was to update the MNO’s Interim Registry Policy so it better reflects the history and reality of Ontario Métis, as a part of the larger Métis Nation.  The consultations also stressed that the policy needs to be consistent with the MNO’s Statement of Prime Purpose – as the foundational governance document for the MNO over the last 19 years.

In order to follow through on this recommendation from the two-year consultations, the following redraft of the Interim Registry Policy was tabled with the 2012 MNO AGA for its review (Click here to view this document).  This redraft is now being circulated to MNO citizens for consideration and comments.  This proposed redraft does not substantively change the Interim Registry Policy.  It only provides additional clarity and examples with respect to the history and reality of Métis in Ontario, as a part of the larger Métis Nation.

If it appears that this redraft of the Interim Registry Policy can be a “consensus-based solution” for the recommendations from the consultations, this redraft will be considered and adopted in the future.   Unless there appears to be consensus about adopting this policy, the current Interim Registry Policy will remain in place.

Feedback and comments about this proposed redraft of the Interim Registry Policy can be provided by email to

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