Métis Footprints opens at Chimczuk Museum

Métis Footprints Opens At Chimczuk Museum
(Left-right): MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council
(WEKMC) Councilor Robert Desjardins, MNO 
WEKMC Women's Representative and Veteran
Sharlene Lance, MNO citizen Morgan Baillergeon,
MNO WEKMC President Donna Grayer and MNO
Veterans' Council Women's Representative Shelly
Claus. Click here for larger picture.

Submitted by: MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council President Donna Grayer.

Métis Footprints, a new exhibition at the Chimczuk Museum is now open in Windsor.

The exhibition started on June 14, 2017. It is a collaboration between the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council (WEKMC) and the MNO Veterans' Council plus local MNO citizens. It includes the Métis history timeline from the MNO Education and Training Branch’s Métis Education Kit. Current events relevant to Ontario were also added. The display has three panels. The first panel featured Historical facts, the second resistance and the third progressive; as the Métis culture continues to move ahead and is making progress in many areas.

The MNO Veterans’ Council also shared its artifacts in order to exhibit the contributions of Métis veterans in Canada. Local veterans were showcased, as well as the oldest MNO veteran.

The historical timeline provides education and history on Métis culture, and so provides a teachable opportunity that can later hopefully lead to a better understanding of Métis people and their history. It is also a promotional tool for the Councils involved as well as the MNO, as all contact information is included at the bottom of each panel and in pamphlets added as take-aways.

The resources and materials shared by the MNO Education and Training and Communications Branches was greatly appreciated.

On June 21, 2017, MNO WEKMC citizens and Windsor community members toured the Chimczuk Windsor Community Museum. The Chimczuk Museum is a premier Museum destination that houses permanent exhibits on the history of the Windsor area, the original People’s Culture and Legacy and the development of the City of Windsor.

Posted: July 18, 2017

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