Métis Representatives to Aboriginal Education Advisory Council Meet in Hamilton

Aboriginal Education Advisory CouncilOne of the discussions during the meeting of Métis representatives to the
Aboriginal Education Advisory Council (left to right) Wanda Botsward,
MNO Chair France Picotte, MNO Vice-chair Sharon McBride,
PCMNO Senator Verna Porter, Vic Brunelle, Senator Cecile Wager

Across Ontario, a number of citizens of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) serve as Métis representatives to school boards, colleges and universities and in that capacity sit on various committees and other bodies related to education.  The Government of Ontario refers to individuals serving in these capacities as the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council.

During the weekend of November 24-25, the MNO brought together these Métis representatives to discuss their role and to meet with representatives of the Government of Ontario.  Over 30 people attended the meeting that took place in Hamilton and included presentations from Jean Becker with Wilfred Laurier University and Chris St. Croix with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Attendees included MNO Chair France Picotte and MNO Vice-chair Sharon McBride as well as many MNO Community Council Presidents, Senators and other citizens who volunteer their time for the important job of insuring the Métis voice is heard in education.

“We are very grateful for the work of the Métis representative,” said MNO President Gary Lipinski, “education is a crucial element in helping Métis children and youth be the best they can be. The work of Métis representatives helps make sure that government education policies and educational institutions are aware of the needs of our Métis young people.”

This was the first meeting of its kind and was able to identify ways that the MNO can provide support to the Métis representatives that will strengthen their ability to represent Métis interests in the future.

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