Métis Voyageur Development Fund Postings

MVDF-logoThe Interim Board of Directors of the newly created Métis Voyageur Development Fund (MVDF) has issued two postings with deadline in September 2011.

The first is a call for individuals who are interested in being Directors on the MVDF’s Permanent Board of Directors. Candidates will be selected based on being able to positively contribute to the MVDF’s overall objectives based on their skills and expertise. The deadline for these applications is September 14th, 2011. Click here to view or download a copy of the posting.

The second is a posting for an individual to be the MVDF’s first Chief Executive Officer. This is a senior level management position and will require an individual who can build the MVDF based on its overall objectives and the direction of the MVDF’s Permanent Board of Directors. The deadline for this position is September 7th, 2011. Click here to view or download a copy of the posting.


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