MNO acknowledges Métis Veteran at Toronto-York Region Council AGM

Submitted by: MNO Veteran, Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy C.D., O.M.C.

veterans and gary
(Left to right) MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock, C.D.; MNO President Gary
Lipinski; and MNO Veteran, Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy, CD, OMC, at the MNO
Toronto and York Region Métis Council AGM

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Toronto and York Region Métis Council hosted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 9 at the local Royal Canadian Legion. President Gary Lipinski was in attendance and presented the MNO Louis Riel Commemorative Medal and the MNO Louis Riel Certificate to MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock, C.D..

Veteran Horlock has been heavily involved with the MNO for many years. He is a past president and a past Senator of the MNO Toronto Métis Council prior to it becoming the Toronto and York Region Métis Council and past president of the MNO Veterans’ Council. He also assisted in the creation of the MNO Oshawa Durham Métis Council and the MNO Credit River Métis Council.

For the past several years, Veteran Horlock has represented the Métis Veterans at the Oshwegan National Memoriam Day and for the past two years he has been invited by the Premier’s Office to represent the MNO at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Queen’s Park.

Gary and veteran
(Left to right)  MNO President Gary Lipinski with MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock
after presenting the MNO Louis Riel Commemorative Medal and MNO Louis
Riel Certificate.

Veteran Horlock is also past representative for Ontario to the National Veterans Council and past member of the National Aboriginal Veteran Association (NAVA).

Currently, Veteran Horlock is the president of the Toronto Scottish Regiment, a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Todmorden Branch number 10 and a member of their colour party, being so; he has participated in the Louis Riel Day colour party at Queen’s Park.

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