MNO assists with nursing career

April SlingsbyApril SlingsbySubmitted by Jade Bourbonnière, MNO Education and Training Operations Coordinator

Self-identified Métis April Slingsby always knew that she had the potential, the drive and intelligence to pursue a career in nursing. She had a passion and an interest in the field, and knew those key factors would allow her to succeed.

For as long as April could remember, caring for people always came naturally to her. She knew that if she received her nursing diploma, she would be able to better support her family. After contacting the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), April spoke with an MNO Regional Employment and Training Coordinator to arrange for funding for her dream to become a nurse.

April attended Sault College for registered practical nursing. She faced many challenges as a student. At times, it was difficult to overcome them but April refused to give up. When the going got rough, April would listen to the song You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me by Cher, which still inspires her today.

Today, April has her diploma in registered practical nursing, as well as a diploma in forensics. She also received certificates in IV therapy and Level 1 Palliative Care.

April is now working for the Hospitality Network at the Sault Area Hospital. She enjoys her job and is much happier with her new life.

Published on: October 30, 2015


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