MNO citizen appointed to OMC Advisory Council

Submitted by: Greg Garratt, MNO Veterans’ Council Sgt-At-Arms

Alis Kennedy
MNO Veterans’ Council Senator Dr.
Alis Kennedy, C.D., O.M.C., after
receiving her O.M.C. in December 2011.

The Premier of Ontario has appointed Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy, C.D., O.M.C., a Member of the Province of Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship (OMC) Advisory Council.

Senator Kennedy’s appointment to the OMC Advisory Council reflects her ongoing commitment to the betterment of Ontario and the Métis Nation through her many years of volunteer work. A Métis veteran and MNO citizen, this rare and distinguished appointment is an honour to all Métis. Senator Kennedy is the embodiment of "attaining our highest potential" and is a fine example to Métis youth who she actively mentors.

Senator Kennedy was approached to apply for the Council by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration - Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat in December 2011 when she received her O.M.C. designation. The Ministry wanted a recipient of the medal to be on the council and being Métis and francophone made Senator Kennedy a strong candidate.

The MNO is very proud of Senator Kennedy’s appointment.

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