MNO Georgian Bay Harvesters Committee Supports Local Conservation Efforts

Georgian Bay Conservation EffortsGeorgian Bay Harvesters Recently Supported Two Local Conservation Projects

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Georgian Bay Harvesters Committee was recently involved in two different conservation efforts. The first was the planting of 4,000 trees at the “Millennium Tract” in Simcoe County Forest near Barrie. They were responsible for the planning of one section of the plant including over 300 hardwoods, which, when mature, will provide a food source for wildlife in the area. The volunteer group thanks Steven Richmond for helping out. Steve also received credit towards his community service requirements for high school.

The Harvesters were assisted by Georgian Bay Bassmasters (a fishing club for men and women that provides fishing education and information, and is involved in youth and conservation activities in the community) and First Wye Marsh Scouts; both had excellent member support. The tree planting was supervised and supported financially by North Simcoe Anglers and Hunters Conservation Club who provided $6,500.00 for the cost of the trees. Hats off to them!

The other conservation effort was the Georgian Bay Bassmasters’ fish habitat project. The Georgian Bay Bassmasters place fish habitats in the water to offer small fish a place to hide and grow. They have been doing this for many years. This is the second year that the MNO Georgian Bay Harvesters Committee has been included in this project. Artificial reefs are used throughout the United States and Canada as a proven strategy for improving fish stocks.

This year the GBMC harvesters received a letter of appreciation from the Georgian Bay Bassmasters. “I would like to thank Chris Charrier for helping and for his efforts on behalf of the Harvesters Committee,” said Larry Ferris.

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