MNO kicks off 20th AGA in Ottawa

Métis Voyageur canoes once more navigate the Ottawa River

aga canoe
MNO President Lipinski, PCMNO representatives and delegates arriving for MNO's 20th Annual
General Assembly opening ceremony at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.

Métis from across Ontario gathered in Ottawa today for the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) 20th Annual General Assembly (AGA). MNO President Gary Lipinski is one of over 400 Métis leaders and special guests, including the Honourable David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, who were in attendance at the Welcome to the AGA events held at the Canadian Museum of Civilization the evening of Friday, August 23.

The welcome activities started with Métis leaders and special guests re-creating part of Métis history as they paddled voyageur canoes from Victoria Island in the Ottawa River to the museum. There they were enthusiastically greeted by AGA participants and led by Métis veterans took part in a procession into the museum.  In the museum, President Lipinski welcomed everyone to the AGA which he described as “Métis self-government in action.”

AGA participants were treated by a special performance by the world renowned Métis Fiddler Quartet who performed their original work “Soldier in Capotes;” a musical dramatization representing the Métis experience during the War of 1812. Following this exciting performance the MNO premiered the documentary film “The Métis Nation of Ontario: 1993-2013.” This film is part of the MNO’s ongoing celebrations of its 20th anniversary and includes rare interviews with some of the MNO’s founders and early leaders.

The AGA continues on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 24-26. Click here for a full agenda and more information.

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