MNO partnership successfully reduces carbon monoxide emissions

calvary solar eventFrom left: David Oxtoby, CEO of CarbonFree Technology
Inc. and representative of MNO-BrightRoof Solar LP; Alex
Fuentes, Vice-President of Business Development, Ontario
Solar Provider Inc.; Paul Malott, Lead Paster at Calvary
Church (shown in background); Christian Wentzel,
President of Ontario Solar Provider Inc.; Jeff Leal,
MPP-Peterborough; and Lesley Parnell, City of Toronto
Ward 1 Councillor. (Photo source:
On August 25, the Métis Nation of Ontario-BrightRoof Solar LP (MNO-BR), Ontario Solar Power (OSP) and Calvary Church completed a 190 kW solar project that will reduce the emissions footprint of Ontario’s electricity system by approximately 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Located in Peterborough, the Calvary Pentecostal Church has 828 solar panels on the roof. The panels will generate 228 kW of electricity, which is enough to power 26 Ontario households for a year.

MNO-BR leased Calvary Church’s roof in order to install the panels, taking part of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff program for solar power.

Started in 2009 by the Government of Ontario, this program allows individuals and companies to develop renewable energy projects connected to Ontario's power grid, while receiving a fixed price per kilowatt hour for the energy produced.

OSP developed, engineered and installed the solar project. It’s the company’s first solar project in Peterborough.

"We are very appreciative of the care and attention to detail that Ontario Solar Provider has given throughout the duration of this project,” shared Paul Mallot, Lead Pastor at Calvary Church.

“Their use of a ballasted racking system has kept the integrity of our roof warranty intact, which gives us peace of mind for years to come," Mallot stated.

Every component within the panel system was manufactured within Ontario, ensuring that the project benefit Canadian companies as well as Ontario residents.

"Projects like this solar installation at Calvary Church are a great example of how property owners are partnering with solar developers to leverage their unused rooftops, generating additional revenue for their organizations while supporting the development of renewable energy projects across Ontario," said Sebastian Seyfarth, President of OSP.

MNO-BR owns more than 30 solar projects across the province.


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