MNO President Lipinski Welcomes Appointment of David Zimmer as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

MNO President Lipinski Welcomes Appointment of David Zimmer as Minister of Aboriginal AffairsMNO President Lipinski (left) with the Honourable David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal
Affairs in 2010. Minister Zimmer was presenting President Lipinski with a certificate
recognizing the second anniversary of the MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement.

(Ottawa) On February 11, 2013, the new government of Premier Kathleen Wynne was sworn in at a ceremony in Queen’s Park.  Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Gary Lipinski attended the ceremony and welcomed the appointment of  the Honourable David Zimmer as the new Minister of Aboriginal Affairs (MAA).  “We enjoyed a positive relationship with Minister Zimmer in his previous capacity as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs,” stated President Lipinski, “and we look forward to building on that relationship.”

“MAA played a big role under Premier Wynne, when she held that portfolio” explained President Lipinski, “in the implementation of the MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement, which was signed in 2008. The Framework agreement proved a solid foundation for cooperation between our two governments and resulted in the advancement of Métis rights as well as achievements in a whole range of other areas including education, health, job creation and economic development.”

“We are looking for Minister Zimmer to continue to work with us towards the objectives agreed upon in the MNO-Ontario Framework agreement,” stated President Lipinski. “Among our key priorities are insuring Métis children and youth have every opportunity available to be the best they can be. Ensuring our youth have the necessary tools to succeed is a win – win for both our governments and something we are deeply committed to.”

“I have confidence that by working together - we will continue to achieve positive results for Métis citizens, families and communities in Ontario,” concluded President Lipinski.

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