MNO President views Ontario budget positively

Points to value of MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement

The 2013 Ontario budget introduced yesterday demonstrates that the Ontario government is continuing its commitment to work together with Aboriginal people, including Métis, to insure meaningful participation in decision-making and partnerships that will improve social and economic opportunities. “We see the budget as an on-going example of how the government is living up to the MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement that we signed in 2008,” stated Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Lipinski, “the measures outlined show that it continues to share many of the priorities of the MNO.”

“We are pleased the provincial government will provide an additional five million dollars annually to improve Aboriginal student achievement,” stated President Lipinski, “this builds on the significant programming the government already has in place for Aboriginal learners.”

President Lipinski was also pleased to see the government’s commitment in the budget to work on developing a multi-year Aboriginal Children and Youth Strategy. “The MNO is one of the government’s Aboriginal partners in this endeavor.  The proposed strategy will focus on building community-driven, integrated and culturally appropriate supports to  help Aboriginal children and young people grow up healthy and become all they can be,” explained President Lipinski.

The budget also saw the government renew its commitment to the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program (ALGP), which supports Aboriginal participation in the energy sector. President Lipinski was also pleased with the emphasis on improving labour market participation and building a highly skilled workforce. President Lipinski pointed out: “Métis constitute one third of the Aboriginal population in the province and we represent a young and growing demographic. Accordingly, measure in this area whether for the Aboriginal people specifically or the general population will benefit Métis.”

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