MNO Veteran meets Joseph Boyden and Les Stroud

MNO Veteran Meets Joseph Boyden And Les Stroud LG
(Left-right): Canadian author and Indigenous activist
Joseph Boyden, Staff Sergeant of James Bay
Detachment in Moosonee R.M. (Rob) Baskey and
Survivorman Les Stroud. Click here for larger
picture. (Photo credit: Antonio Melendez - Heartisan

On February 23, 2017, Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veteran and Staff Sergeant R.M. (Rob) Baskey of the Moosonee Office in the James Bay Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment met with renowned Canadian author Joseph Boyden and Les Stroud (The Survivorman) at the home of Pam and William Tozer in Moosonee.

The Tozers run a camp called Onakawana on the Abitibi River just south of Moosonee. Both Joeseph Boyden and Les Stroud attend the camp as guests and often bring family and friends. Onakawana does a great deal of youth engagement and provides land-based programs for kids of all ages to learn traditional skills; hunting, fishing, trapping and extreme weather survival. It is also a destination for moose hunters and snowmobilers.

William Tozer is a local celebrity in Moosonee as a hunter, trapper, guide, pilot and all-round outdoorsman. He has worked a life time on establishing the camp at Onakawana. His family and extended family all contribute to teaching, encouraging and fostering a traditional lifestyle.

Baskey presented Boyden and Stroud with the MNO Veterans’ Council Métis Veterans Book Fighting for Canada Before There Was A Canada. The MNO Veterans’ Council promotes and advocates for Métis Veterans and their families, through awareness programs, education and by attending events important to Métis Veterans. The MNO strives to recognize Métis Veterans and their unique role in shaping Canadian history and their role in peacekeeping and non-peacekeeping missions. Click here to learn more about the MNO Veterans’ Council.

Posted: July 14, 2017

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