MNO Veterans’ Council brings a Métis presence to NCVA meetings

ncva meetingFrom left: MNO Veterans’ Council President Joseph
Paquette; Derrill Henderson, National Secretary, Hong Kong
Veterans Association of Canada; Brian Forbes, B. Comm.,
LL.B., Chairman, National Council of Veterans Association
in Canada; Paul Baiden, MMM, OStJ, S.C., CD, National
Chairman, Canadian Naval Air Group; MNO Veterans’
Council Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy, O.Ont., CD, OMC.
Submitted by MNO Veterans’ Council President Joseph Paquette

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council attended the annual meeting of the National Council of Veteran Associations (NCVA) in November 2015, where veteran organizations are given a chance to put together a legislative program to be brought to the federal government’s attention.

The MNO Veterans’ Council has been a member of good standing with the NCVA for six years. MNO Veterans’ Council representatives attend the annual meeting every year in Toronto to ensure that Métis veterans have a voice at the federal level. The representatives’ visibility and input are vital towards keeping a Métis presence at the meeting.

The NCVA advocates for over 60 different veteran organizations.

Published on: December 23, 2015


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