New BSTAIP Interns Ready to Learn

Submitted by Terry Desaulniers, Senior Technical Advisor/BSTAIP Coordinator

new-bstaip-internsFront (l-r) BSTAIP Interns -  Casey Boban, Adrian Karasiewicz,
James Aggamway, Tara Gusola, Robin Armstrong, Tyler Boily
Bottom row (l-r)  Trevor Warren  Professor, Carol Rusak  Program
Manager, Jean McIsaac-Wiitala, Executive Director MNO Housing
Investment Corporation, Terry Desaulniers  C.E.T. Senior Tech
Advisor/ BSTAIP Coordinator, Leafy Shaw  Project Developer MNO
Housing Investment Corporation.
Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Building System Technical Advisor Internship Program (BSTAIP) is a two year internship with in-class learning and on-site training.  The program also includes applied learning in shops, labs, workplaces and mentorship by skilled technicians. The internship offers the opportunity to explore home renovations, eco-energy and efficiency with residential housing.

The first group of BSTAIP interns recently finished the academic part of the program and have moved on to work placements.  A second set of BSTAIP interns have now started the program and are looking forward to the next several months of learning to become housing inspectors.  A measure of their enthusiasm for the program can be seen in the following quotes from the interns.

“The BSTAIP Internship has provided me with the opportunity to learn many different skills related to construction and eco-efficiency dealing with housing; also learning math, English, blue print reading. I’m very excited as I am able to apply the skills I learn to my every-day life only making me more knowledgeable in becoming a house inspector.”

Tyler Boily

“I have learned a lot in the little time I have been an intern with the Métis Nation of Ontario. I hope to learn a lot of professional insight into the home building systems and technologies that helps promote green energy and energy efficient practices.”

James Aggamway

“The BSTAIP program has provided me with such an amazing and unique opportunity to learn about so many different aspects of housing.  We are learning everything from the construction of homes to the facts about social housing.  I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to becoming a skilled and confident Housing Inspector.”

Tara Gusola

“The BSTAIP program is helping me develop the hands on skills I need to further myself on my career path in housing. With the opportunities the MNO and BSTAIP have given me I’ve been able to improved  my academic standing  and my hands on skills to  open new doors in the future.“

Casey Boban

“BSTAIP is a very exciting program. The education and training we are receiving is invaluable, and will open many doors and opportunities for us all. I look forward to the upcoming months and to delving deeper into building sciences and green technology.”

Robin Armstrong

“First of all I would like to thank the MNO for this opportunity, as well as I am excited to be a part of all that will be learned and discovered in this endeavour. In addition I’m pleased to say this program has really impressed me so far.”

Adrian Karasiewicz

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