MNO North Channel Métis Council holds 2018 Annual General Meeting

North Channel AGM18MNO North Channel Métis Council held its Annual General
Meeting on Nov. 4, with number of guest speakers. Pictured
(Front row, left to right) are President Yvonne Jensen, Jena
Descoteaux, Morgan Jensen, Women's Representative
Michelle McCoy Smith, Councillor Reg Bennett, (Back row,
left to right) Councillor Pete Descoteaux, Senator Fern
McCoy, Chair Allen St. Pierre, PCMNO Region 4 Councilor
Ernie Gatien, Captain of the Hunt Art Bennett, Councillor
Roly Blanchette and Secretary-Treasurer Todd Showan.
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Submitted by Yvonne Jensen, MNO North Channel Métis Council President

On Nov. 4, 83 people attended the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) North Channel Métis Council (NCMC) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Among the guests were all members of the MNO NCMC, Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario Region 4 Councilor Ernie Gatien, Captain of the Hunt Art Bennett, Region 4 Women’s Representative June Smart, MNO Métis Family Well Being Coordinator Cynthia Sopher, MNO Region 4 Youth Representative Taylor McNally and representatives of the MNO Historic Sault Ste. Marie Métis Council, including Senator Brenda Powley, Chair John Konawalchuk, Councilor Dianne Beaudry, Women’s Representative Shirley Loubert and former Councilor Ken Figures.

MNO NCMC Senator Fern McCoy began the AGM with a beautiful prayer, asking all attendees to join hands.

MNO NCMC President Yvonne Jensen welcomed everyone present and introduced all of the guests. The new council, elected earlier this year, was presented with a sash to welcome council members and show appreciation for all of their work and dedication.

PCMNO Councilor Gatien followed by welcoming everyone present and providing a summary of all the activities in Region 4 over the past year.

MNO NCMC invited guest speakers from Parks Canada - Svenja Hansen, Pamela Jalak, Jeanette Cowen and Elia Marini - who provided information for attendees. MNO citizens enjoyed a short film on Métis and the Parks Canada representatives discussed their involvement in gathering the history of Métis and how to distribute it to the general public. They also spoke about Fort St. Joseph and the Sault Canal.

Guest Mona Jones, from the Huron Superior Catholic School Board from Sault Ste. Marie, informed the citizens about how important it is to have children self-identify. She stressed the importance of knowing how many Métis, First Nation and Inuit are in the schools and talked about new programs offered in some schools.

The council also passed a motion to change the election time from every two years to every four years, which will come into effect after MNO NCMC’s next election.

Citizens also enjoyed a beautiful meal made by A Touch of Home. Gifts were provided for all of the citizens to thank them for attending and listening and for the speakers who attended.

Posted: Nov. 22, 2018

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