MNO appoints new Region 1 Captain of the Hunt

To: Region One Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens

From: Gary Lipinski, MNO President and Chief Captain of the Hunt

Re: Appointment of Sandy Triskle as Region 1 Captain of the Hunt.

I am pleased to announce that Sandy Triskle has been appointed as the new Region 1 Captain of the Hunt. I want to welcome Sandy into this position and thank her for agreeing to fulfill this important volunteer role. If you wish to contact Sandy you can find her contact information on the MNO website at the following link:

Captains of the Hunt Contact List

Sandy takes over from Dean McMahon, who left the position due to personal reasons. I would like to thank Dean for his hard work and years of service as the Region 1 Captain of the Hunt.

Captains of the Hunt play an integral role in the management of the Métis harvest in Ontario. They act as a direct line of communications between Harvesters and the MNO and the Ministry of Natural Resources. They help manage the annual harvest with the province of Ontario, support the implementation of the Interim Harvesting Policy and determine the appropriate management of the harvest in their respective regions.

I look forward to working with Sandy in her new position.


Gary Lipinski


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