MNO Responsible Gambling Mock Casino in Timmins a great success!

Responsible Gambling Mock Casino in TimminsParticipants at MNO Responsible Gambling Event in Timmins

Despite inclement weather, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) held a Responsible Gambling event on Saturday November 24, 2012. This event was organized in partnership with Shawn Roy from the YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program. The participants were invited to have a healthy lunch and listen to a presentation on harm reduction strategies that can be used while gambling.  The MNO would like to thank Shawn Roy, our guest speaker from the YMCA, for sharing his knowledge of responsible gambling strategies. During this presentation, participants were able to interact with Shawn and have their questions and concerns addressed. Here are a few tips that were given to the participants:

  • Remember that gambling or betting has an element of risk
  • Limit the amount of money you bet & time you spend betting
  • Do not spend your winnings on gambling
  • Do not carry more money than you are prepared to lose
  • Continue to do the other activities you enjoy
  • Hope to win; expect to lose

Shawn also spent some time discussing the myths and rumours that revolve around gambling. Here are some examples:

If I always choose the same lottery numbers, my odds of winning are better. FALSE – odds remain the same regardless of what numbers you choose or the amount of tickets you purchase, your odds remain 1 in 14 000 000 per ticket.

If I play on the same slot machine for a long period of time, my odds of winning are better. FALSE – the slot machines are controlled by a computer, the winnings are completely randomized.

Gambling is a great way to make money and become rich. FALSE – The odds in a casino are in favour of the House and not the individual person gambling. Gambling is a source of entertainment not revenue.

Following the presentation, participants were given $100 of play money to gamble with at any of the following games: Plinko, Crowns & Anchors, Métis Prize Wheel, Odds & Evens, Blackjack as well as try their luck at a lottery for a $300 play money prize. If their money was lost, participants could choose to borrow from the bank, with interest of course!

At the end of the casino portion, an auction took place in which participants could use their winnings to bid on a variety of prizes. Borrowed money was not accepted as bids for the auction! The majority of the participants stayed away from the bank or repaid their debt. Feedback was positive from all 27 participants and many gained knowledge on how to gamble responsibly while having fun! Participants, as well as staff from the MNO and YMCA, are all looking forward to next year’s Responsible Gambling Event!

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