Tecumseh's Ghost

Inspiring change in perceptions about Canadian Aboriginal relations

Submitted by: Melanie Paradis, Manager of Natural Resources & Aboriginal Affairs at NATIONAL Public Relations

Allan Gregg, with support from NATIONAL Public Relations, has enlisted the help of a network of Canadian thought-leaders to spark a movement across Canada to inspire a change in perceptions about Aboriginal relations with the government as well as non-Aboriginal Canadians.

Saturday, October 5 was the 200th anniversary of Tecumseh’s death. Some Canadians have never heard of Tecumseh, but he was the most talked about man on earth leading up to and during the War of 1812. You may have heard tales of his ferocious battles and penchant for scalping. You may have also heard that he saved Canada from the Americans. But you have never heard the story told like this before.

Allan Gregg’s story of Tecumseh blows open the legacy of misunderstandings, betrayal and ignorance towards Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and makes us ask, “Could it be that Canada is a nation haunted by Tecumseh’s Ghost?” Watch and share his 3-minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxeswEeM9rM

To learn more about Allan Gregg and the Tecumseh’s Ghost visit: http://allangregg.com/tecumseh

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