Young Métis filmmaker makes headlines with summer camp

Submitted by: Robin Pilon

GetReel Film Camp
Maddy Pilon (centre with flowers) at the GetReel Film
Festival with some of the GetReel Film Camp students.

It was 'lights, camera, action!' in Trenton, Ontario this summer with a new youth film camp in the city run by Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen Maddy Pilon.  A second year Ryerson University Film Production student, filmmaker, volunteer, young entrepreneur and Founder of GetReel Film Camp, Maddy set up the camp for young aspiring filmmakers as part of her Ontario Summer Company, GetReel Productions.

Backed by the Small Business Centre, it was a huge success and earned her accolades from the students, parents, and the community alike.  Maddy worked on set for the Canadian Film Centre and a number of short films, feature films and a TV pilot in Toronto early in the summer and then took a break to move back to her hometown of Trenton, Ontario to run the first ever local film camp during the last two weeks of July.  "I wanted to be able to run a film camp for kids and teens in my hometown because when I was growing up there was nothing like it being offered," said the young filmmaker.

GetReel Film Camp offered two one-week film focused day camps filled with hands-on training, informative workshops, guest speakers and a whole lot of fun!  It gave students real experience in the magic of movie making where they learned the basics of film making including writing, shooting, acting and editing their own short films.  The camp wrapped up with its inaugural GetReel Film Festival, a premiere showcase of the students short films screened at the local cinema, the Centre Theatre in downtown Trenton.  It was an impressive showcase indeed.

Jeremy Clark, Youth Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator at the Small Business Centre said "From the very beginning, Maddy's GetReel Film Camp was viewed as a creative and ambitious business idea, but the results of her camp were even more outstanding - 17 wonderful youth from our community inspired to be their best and t showcase their budding film production skills!  Seeing the short films that Maddy's students produced at the GetReel Film Festival was a real inspiration: not to mention a true testament to the skill, guidance and support that Maddy delivered in offering her camp experience."

Maddy said the Summer Company Program gave her the opportunity to make a difference in her community that she otherwise would not have the resources to do.  "I am very grateful to have been a mentor to such talented youth this summer as well as form a base for a growing business that I am passionate about," said the young entrepreneur.

Quinte West Mayor John Williams presented Maddy with a plaque from the city extending congratulations and appreciation for her efforts in providing the community youth with a firsthand experience at film making.  "This would have not been possible if not for your hard work and dedication," said the Mayor. "We are thankful you came back to Trenton to run your film camp and we hope you'll come back next year!"

Congratulations Maddy!

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