Educational Resources

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has always made education a high priority. The MNO offers a range of supports and services for the educational success of all Métis across Ontario beginning in early childhood, continuing through elementary school, middle school, and high school through to post-secondary education and into adulthood. This is achieved in part through the MNO's advocacy efforts where we we advocate for an inclusive education system by ensuring Métis voices are included in all education discussions and in the development of education policies and programs in Ontario. Through productive engagement with the Ontario Ministries of Education and Training, Colleges and Universities and the Office of the Federal Interlocutor, targeted investments have been made in educational outreach, resource development, and education action plan development and implementation. 

The MNO continues to foster partnerships between communities and school boards, colleges and universities, and other key stakeholders to create a culture of lifelong learning in communities to support Métis student education. Recognizing the absence of dedicated post-secondary financial assistance for Métis post-secondary students, the MNO initiated its Scholarship and Bursary Program in 1998. Investments were made at 32 colleges and universities. The MNO continues to explore opportunities to expand and grow its programs with government and industry partners.