Summer Cultural Program

Summer Cultural Program
Summer Cultural Program
Midland, Ontario

The Métis Nation of Ontario’s (MNO) Métis Summer Cultural Program (MSCP) is designed to strengthen and share Métis culture and history. The MSCP is a community-based initiative comprised of two key components. The first component involves comprehensive training of all summer students in culture and history including workshops on

  • MNO programs and governance
  • Métis  history and culture
  • Finger weaving
  • Beading
  • Embroidering
  • Snowshoe making
  • Paddle making

The second and primary part of the program is the actual delivery of Métis culture and history programs to community groups by the students.

This year’s MSCP builds upon last year’s successful program and has been expanded to include locations in Welland, Midland, North Bay, Sudbury, Thessalon, and Sault Ste. Marie. This year there are a total of 19 students hired.

This program gives enthusiastic Métis students the opportunity to go out into the community and share their experiences and raise awareness about Métis. The participation in community events allows knowledge sharing in an interactive and engaging manner. Each Métis student brings a unique voice to the project and will continue to grow through the learning experience.  The following section offers actual reflections from two of the students participating in the program.

" We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on."
– Louis Riel