Healing & Wellness


The Metis Nation of Ontario Healing and Wellness branch facilitates and coordinates activities to address the holistic needs of the Métis Nation in Ontario at the provincial, regional and local levels.

Holistic Indigenous health includes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of life. Through an understanding of self, a vision of wellness  balances body, mind and spirit and is promoted through the healing continuum.

The Healing and Wellness branch actively seeks to partner with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and governments that recognize and respect the diverse lifestyles and traditions of Indigenous people regardless of residency and status.

Appropriate levels of financial and human resources will be secured for Indigenous-designed, developed and delivered programs and services that respect and promote community responsibility, autonomy and local control.

No matter where you live in Ontario we can help you access timely and specialized mental health care in your community. For more information please call 1-800-263-4889.