Diabetes Awareness Strategy

MNO Aboriginal Diabetes Education Project – (AB DEP)

Diabetes is a considerable health concern for Métis people who are at higher risk to contract this disease than the general population. Because of this, the Ministry of Health and Long Term care provides the MNO with annual funding through the Aboriginal Diabetes Education Project (AB DEP) to provide resources and information about diabetes risk factors and complications from this disease to the Métis.

Aboriginal Diabetes Education Project, 09/10
Summative Report

The MNO Health Branch undertakes a yearly Aboriginal Diabetes Education Program funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This initiative is dedicated to informing Métis people of Ontario about the risk factors and complications of diabetes.

AB DEP dollars are earmarked specifically for educational workshops and free access to foot care services. Last year, a portion of the funding was used to provide 625 participants in fourteen sites across the province with a basic health assessment along with diabetes related health education. The MNO relied on the ES TECK Scan (Health Canada approved Class II and Class III medical instrument) as a means of demonstrating how body composition and organ function are predictors of diabetes or diabetes-related complications. This personalized approach to educating the Métis about diabetes was very effective and the information provided promoted healthy living and vigilance as a primary tool in avoiding this disease and its complications.

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