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Fall 2012 --- Lands Resources & Consultations Update

Since 2007, the Métis Nation of Ontario has worked with its citizens and regional rights-bearing Métis communities to develop a community-driven consultation framework that ensures the Crown fulfills its duty to conduct meaningful consultation with Métis people in the province. That work, which continues to evolve, is guided in part by input and suggestions from Métis citizens and communities captured during province wide consultations in 2007/2008. The report on these consultations, Towards a Consultation Framework for Ontario Métis, 2007/2008 Community Consultations: What We Heard Report, has provided clear direction to the MNO’s leadership on how to move forward.

One of several recommendations in the final report was the creation of a branch within the MNO to support Regional Consultation Committees by providing the technical and scientific expertise needed for meaningful Métis consultation and accommodation. Through this branch, MNO would grow it’s capacity in policy areas related to land and resources, including, energy, mining and forestry with a view to increasing Métis participation in these sectors by fostering economic development and resource benefits sharing. Another recommendtation was that this policy work  be supported by research aimed at developing a province-wide Métis Traditional Land Use or Métis Way of Life Framework (WOLF) to collect Métis traditional knowledge and help gain a better understanding of Métis interests, rights, harvesting patterns and land use.

The recommendations were adopted at the 2008 MNO Annual General Assembly/Special Presidents Meeting. As well, an Interim Statement of Principles and Framework for Métis Consultation and Accommodation was adopted. Together these documents give the mandate for and guide the MNO’s work in this sector.

Lands, Resources and Consultations Branch

A branch to focus on work in this area was established and began work immediately on activities relating to duty to consult. The Branch was renamed Lands, Resources and Consultations. Staff throughout the province, provide hands-on capacity and support at the community level on lands, resources and consultation issues.

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