Question: What is Generation Innovation?
Answer: Generation Innovation is an opportunity for Métis youth to develop entrepreneurial skills after which finalists will be selected to participate in a “Dragon’s Den” like experience.

Question: How can I participate?
Answer: Métis youth, ages 18 to 29 in Ontario can participate by completing a Generation Innovation Application Form and submitting it by December 16, 2013.  Applications will be screened and up to 20 applicants will be selected to undertake entrepreneurial training.

Question: What kind of training will I receive?
Answer: Successful applicants will initially be required to complete an on-line small business training course from the GoForth Institute, followed by face-face-training from qualified professionals.  Pitch training will be provided to all finalists.  For more information on the on-line training course see the GoForth Institute website at:  www.goforthinstitute.com.  The Métis Nation of Ontario will provide the on-line training packages for the successful applicants.

Question: How will finalists be chosen?
Answer: After completing the on-line training, participants will submit a business plan for their business or idea.  The business plan will be reviewed by business professionals and up 10 semi-finalists will be chosen to attend a Skills Summit where they will receive additional assistance to strengthen their business plan and learn the art of the "pitch".  Following the Skills Summit, the semi-finalists will have an opportunity to resubmit their business plans for review and 5 finalists will be chosen to participate in the Generation Innovation challenge – “Métis Youth Dragon’s Den”.

Question: How much time will the training take?
Answer: Participants must be able to dedicate several hours per day for six weeks to complete the on-line training and prepare a business plan.  In addition you may be required to attend face to face training of approximately 2 days.  If you cannot commit time to participate you should not apply.

Question: If I do not complete the on-line training can I keep the on-line training course?
Answer: You must return the on-line training course.

Question: Who will cover my expenses to participate in face-face training?
Answer: The Métis Nation of Ontario will cover your travel costs to participate in any face-to-face training provided to the semi-finalists.

Question: What are the prizes?
Answer: First Prize will be $1,000 and a laptop computer.  More details will be forthcoming in the next few months.

Question: Will the finale of the Generation Innovation be filmed?
Answer: The Métis Youth Dragon’s Den portion of the Generation Innovation Project will be filmed and will appear on the Métis Nation of Ontario website. The 2011 compeition is posted on the website here and the 2012/13 challenege will be posted soon.

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