This section covers some of the important financial tools that any business owner will come across in the running of their business.

Making sense of financial terms and jargon
A mini-dictionary of important financial terms to help you uunderstand the language of business, finance and accounting.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Planning your cash flow
An overview of the cash flow process - one of the most important tools every business needs to understand and manage.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Creating a financial proposal
An excellent review of the important details that any bank or investor will want to see when you approach them for money to invest in your business.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Finding sources of capital
At some point in time, you will likely require funds to grow and expand your business. This guide provides an overview of the different sources of capital that are available.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Measuring performance
This brochure reviews the important of tracking and measuring performance. This is sometimes overlooked by small businesses, but is an important function that can serve as an early warning system regarding financial performance.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Working with your banker
Banks bring a wealth of information and assistance to small businesses. This guide provides a good overview of how to develop and maintain a good working relationship with your banker.
(BMO Business Coach Series)