Human Resources

The Human Resource field is a complex landscape, subject to significant legal requirements. This section provides a general overview of some of the issues that a small business owner needs to be aware of.

A Guide To Screening And Selection in Employment
An overview of human rights obligations when hiring employees.
(Canadian Human Rights Commission)

Hiring Requirements
An overview of regulatory requirements associated with hiring along with information on how to hire an employee.
(Government of Canada):

Five Tips of Hiring Your First Employee
A concise overview of five (5) important tips that are important to consider when hiring your first, or any employee.
(GoForth Education Inc.)

Hiring Employees
Practical information on the hiring of employees (Government of Canada):

  • Job Analysis
  • Writing a Job Description
  • Screening and Interviewing Job Applicants
  • Evaluating and Testing Job Applicants
  • Employee Referrals

Training Employees
Practical information on training employees (Government of Canada)

  • Types of Training
  • Learning Concepts
  • Training Needs Checklist

Departing Employees
Practical information on how to manage departing employees (Government of Canada)

Terminating an Employee
A step-by-step overview on how to terminate an employee.
(GoForth Education Inc.)

Becoming a people manager
An overview of the understanding your human resource needs, finding the right people and keeping them.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Being a Great Leader in Your Small Business
An overview on the skills that make a great people leader.
(GoForth Education Inc.)