The Business Planning Proccess

This section provides you with a series of tools and information that you can use to develop your business plan.

Aboriginal Business Development Toolkit
This is a comprehensive overview to developing your business plan. Whether you are developing your own business plan or getting the services of a consultant, this is required reading to understand what goes into the creation of a solid business plan.
(Government of Ontario)

The Elements of a Successful Business Plan
This article reviews the seven (7) essential elements that go into every business plan.
(Commerce Assessment Group Ltd.)

Developing your business plan
An overview of what banks typically look for in any business plan.
(BMO Business Coach Series)

Registering Your Business
A useful resource that quickly leads you to the different government agencies for the registration of your business.
(GoForth Education Inc.)

Guide For Canadian Small Businesses
A document put out by the Canada Revenue Agency, which outlines the programs and online services that you need to know about. It provides an overview of obligations and entitlements under the law.
(Government of Canada)