MNO education and training programs open doors for Métis youth

“To encourage academic and skills development and to enable citizens of the Métis Nation to attain their educational aspirations” – From the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose

As stated in the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Statement of Prime Purpose, the MNO has always made education a high priority. A key objective of the MNO is to ensure young Métis citizens uncover and embrace the will and determination to live a successful life. In its pursuit of achieving this goal, the MNO offers a range of supports and services for the educational success of all Métis across Ontario beginning in early childhood, continuing through Kindergarten to grade 12, on to post-secondary education and into adulthood.

Financial assistance

Recognizing the absence of dedicated post-secondary financial assistance for Métis students, MNO initiated a bursary program in 1998. Métis students can apply for the Métis Student Bursary Program (MSBP) at the financial aid office, Aboriginal student liaison centre or through student support services at the participating college or university. There are currently 36 schools across Ontario offering the bursary. Applications are available to students following registration in the fall. Deadlines are school specific and bursary recipients are announced at the beginning of each school year. Students may reapply for bursaries and/or scholarships each year when they register for school. The amount of bursaries will vary depending on the accumulation of interest each year.

Click here for a list of participating colleges and universities.

Métis Youth Program

In order to gain pertinent work experience that will help jump-start careers; the MNO provides services for training in the workplace. The Métis Youth Program (MYP) is designed to provide support to unemployed youth between the ages of 15 and 30 through a number of program options that are available through individual client purchase or as community-based programming. Assistance can be provided in three ways:  the MNO internship program, the community service program or the labour market information program.

MNO Internship Program

The MNO Internship Program supports internships with employers that provide youth with skill enhancement, work experience and entrepreneurial assistance to help them make a successful transition into the labour market.

Community Service Program

In order to create opportunities for youth who face barriers in finding employment the MNO offers the Community Service Program. The program provides support and develops work opportunities for such youth through participation in community service projects. The aim is to help young people develop the life skills and work experiences necessary to enter the labour market.

Through the Labour Market Information Program, the MNO provides youth with labour market information they need to make decisions about their education and careers.

Summer Career Placement Program

A Summer Career Placement (SCP) program is also provided to Métis students who are seeking summer employment opportunities. Employers from the private, public and non-profit sectors can receive wage subsidies and/or mandatory employer related costs to create beneficial job experience opportunities for Métis youth.

The MNO continues to foster partnerships between communities and school boards, colleges and universities, and other key stakeholders to foster a culture of lifelong learning in communities that support student education.

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