At the Onset

At the Onset
Janelle St-Denis -
Region 5

In the summer of 2011, Sudbury’s Janelle St. Denis began working at Better Beginnings Better Futures, a prevention-focused agency that assists families living in high risk communities. Her position there was sponsored through the MNO’s SCP program, which helps provide support for secondary and post-secondary students through a summer-long wage subsidy. Immediately, Janelle took to the role.

She heeded the firsthand advice from senior employees, watched how they interacted with clients and helped to facilitate and promote family and community wellness through a number of different strategies.

Janelle admits her early experience there with staff was akin to a mentorship instead of just a summer job. And Janelle valued each moment she worked there and soon discovered she had an inherent aptitude for the role. Her commitment and work ethic were rewarded as the would-be summer job ultimately turned into full-time employment for 21-year-old Janelle when Better Beginnings Better Futures offered her a permanent position at their Sudbury agency. Now the young woman who started a summer job unsure of where it would lead finds herself at the onset of a rewarding and
worthwhile career.