Focused on Success

Focused on Success
Jason Foster -
Region 8

Jason Foster, like so many before him, strived to improve the economic stability for himself and his family and realized early on a new career in a field high in demand was key to making this happen. But the risk involved with upgrading his education and taking time off work to pursue a registered nursing diploma proved too great a sacrifice to demand of his loved ones, he says: “Mature students are often in a position where they have bills to pay and a family to support”. With this disparaging realization, Jason reached out to the Region 8 Métis Nation of Ontario’s employment and training coordinator Kelly Honsberger, to see what, if any, options were available.

He applied for funding and was approved; Jason was elated to learn that what he thought was an unrealistic hope was now his new reality, enrolling in George Brown College’s Registered Practical Nursing program later that fall. Jason, formerly self-employed, details honestly just how much the assistance he received helped, “I don’t believe I would have made the attempt without their support. Their generosity made it possible to focus on successfully completing the program without the fears and distractions of finances, or succumbing to the need of obtaining large student loans.”

Long finished his program, Jason is on the path to a promising new career and is unguarded in his appreciation: “I owe a great debt of gratitude to the MNO for sponsoring me in my pursuit to become a nurse. I have now successfully registered with the college of nurses and look forward to beginning this new and exciting chapter in my life.”