Research on Effective Practices to Support Métis Learners Achievement and Self-Identification Project

In 2010, Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, sponsored the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) to conduct applied research about the opportunities and barriers Métis post-secondary learners face in Ontario.

Historically there has been very little research conducted on the state of Métis learners in Ontario’s education system. Through a tendered process, Stone Circle Consulting was the successful contractor. In conversation with the MNO, the researchers embarked on a multifaceted approach that included a literature search, on-line survey of current Métis college and university students, and key interviews.

The main results are highlighted in the executive summary and offer a greater understanding of barriers and opportunities facing Métis students today. Recommendations to improve the system include building partnerships between the MNO, post-secondary institutions and the Ministry.

The MNO was in fact already well underway in working to address many of the issues identified and will continue to explore opportunities to improve outcomes for Métis students. We invite you to read the report.

Postsecondary Education Report

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