Métis Apprenticeship Program (MAP)


  • MAP is designed to purchase appropriate training from various institutions and organizations for apprentices and potential apprentices.
  • This could include training for registered apprentices with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) or exploration training for individuals interested in gaining knowledge about skilled trades through the different sectors.

Eligible Clients

  • Métis clients whether unemployed, under-employed and/or clients whose employment is at risk due to the labour market changes , insufficient employment skills or certification.

Eligible Delivery Agents

  • Institutions and organizations should have certification or attestation from the appropriate provincial body, MTCU. Every effort should be made to acquire certification or a partnership with appropriate stakeholders before the program has started.


  • When accessing training for registered apprentices, notification is given to the clients in collaboration with the employer and MTCU.
  • Purchase of training will be done for no more than a year at a time for each intervention.
  • This could be utilized for pre-apprenticeship training.
  • Basic, supplementary and childcare allowances may be available to qualified participants (see allowance schedule).
  • In-class school fees are eligible as well as books, transportation, living away from home allowance, required equipment, parking, MTCU apprenticeship registration fees.


  • Maximum length of training is 1 year (52 weeks) for each intervention.


  • EI and CRF

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